Our Story

Hi I’m Charlotte the Owner of The Yorkshire Jewellery Studio…this is Our Story

The Yorkshire Jewellery Studio officially launched summer 2021 under a different name, Luxe Craft Corner. Autumn 2022 we made the leap to rebrand, rename and build this whole website…just for us!

Who are we?
So at the minute it’s just me, I’m the founder but I design and make all our jewellery, as well as all the sales, advertisement, marketing and all the boring stuff to keep us going.

I’ve always been a silver girlie so it’s no surprise I only use 925 sterling silver. Over lockdown I became fascinated with crystals and gemstones, I love the natural beauty of every single stone, none of them are identical or “perfect” but they’re all gorgeous!
I love minimalist fashion, yes I love bold bright colours, but in a simple and effective style. I think thats what drew me to Fine Wire Jewellery.
One piece of thin wire can be turned into art, I love playing it with different shapes, angles and textures, and just seeing where it takes me. Sometimes I go into designing with absolutely no plan at all, I just bend the wire and go. It sounds cliche but I love using emotions to drive the process, sometimes the design is uniform and perfect, sometimes I make something from a tangle of wire. It’s so fascinating sharing those experiences with their future owners too.

This is even more special with commissions, and requests for special event jewellery such as the jewellery for a bride and her bridesmaids. I’m honoured every time!

Have a scroll through some of our collections, maybe challenge yourself to spot any designs that could have been influenced by an emotion.

A collage of several photographs of our best selling silver necklaces, including some designs with crystal beads

But How Did TYJS Come About?

I suppose I didn’t get into Jewellery in the most “conventional” way. I never did any courses or degrees in jewellery, in fact I don’t have any formal education for it.
I was actually studying to be a nurse! But theennn Covid hit. Unfortunately I have a few health conditions and I started to get more and more unwell, eventually I had no choice to leave nursing.

I tried so many different hobbies, but I got so hyperfixated on jewellery making and I knew I had to share my jewellery and have some fun!

I started with £50, I set up a very basic online stall and got out and about to craft markets. Very soon I started making some money, I’d experiment with more designs, I was loving it all!
And that’s how it all began.

Check out The Yorkshire Jewellery Studios Blog for a more detailed overview of my story, and even learn about how my conditions influenced my jewellery

But What Do We Do Now?

So nowadays I’ve become a much more confident jeweler, my skills have improved beyond what I imagined, and I’m constantly trying better my designs for my customers.

Probably my favourite thing I do with TYJS is all the Craft Fairs and artisan markets I attend around Yorkshire. I get to meet thousands of such friendly people every time, and I love seeing you so excited by my art, and the stories you’ll put behind your new jewellery.
I now have this fantastic website that means I can share my jewellery much further than Yorkshire! Even online and through my social media I’ve been able to meet people I never would have, and I’m always excited to meet more of you!

To keep up to date with markets and live events, new collections and more, please do subscribe to our mail list…I promise we don’t spam you. We just don’t want you to miss out!