Introducing Our Signature Jewellery Making Kits

In August 2021, only a few months after the launch of luxe craft corner (our old name), we launched our famous jewellery making kits. Our customers online and at markets fell in love with these kits as they make the best gifts for…well everyone.

Our Jewellery Making Kits are as the title suggests, a kit from which you can design and make your own jewellery from home. You get all the tools, materials and beads to make your jewellery to make your jewellery making experience as enjoyable as possible.

Listed below are all the different types of jewellery you can make. We have kits for everyone. There are some designed for children aged 5+, some for teens and even some for adults. There are also lots of different colour combinations to choose from. You will see what I mean when you click on a kit below.

You went crazy over these kits last year so we’re bringing them back just in time for Christmas. Have an explore at the kits available and see what you’d like to make.

Of course these aren’t just for gifts, why not buy one for yourself? Have you been wanting to try a new hobby? This kit will get you going!

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