You Design Your Jewellery And We Make It For You

This is our collection for you, inspired by you! Infact you are the designers!
This is your opportunity to create a meaningful and sentimental piece that is unique and special to you or a someone you love.

You can design a necklace, a bracelet or both. Select what you’d like to make below then go through the options to choose what you’d like on your jewellery. If there’s anything specific you we’re hoping for, let us know in the “anything else” text box at the bottom and I will do my best to make everything.

When it comes to choosing charms, there’s different types to choose from. You can choose up to 8 charms for your jewellery.

You select all your charms under the “add charms” section. If you want any birthstone, zodiac or initial charms, select them here, and there’s places text boxes below to specify which particular sign, initial or month you’d like.

Want to see some already made jewellery for inspiration? See the collections here